Wendy Augutis at Innes Park (posing not riding).
Wendy Augutis at Innes Park North near Bargara (posing not riding).

We’re a couple of adventurous adults who recently discovered electric scooters and like to explore the countryside on two small wheels.

Wendy Augutis is a registered nurse who also teaches nursing at TAFE and is currently undertaking a Masters research project in remote-area nursing.

Michael Gorey works in local government.

We don’t like the labels “senior” or “mature” but admit to being over the age of 37.

After Neuron introduced electric scooters to Bargara we gave them a go and loved it. We also used their scooters in Brisbane and grew in confidence on two wheels.

Wendy’s sons Geoff and Luke gave us a Segway scooter and we bought our own Segway Max G30P from Electric Kicks, which has a longer range of +35km.

We’re on a mission to explore Queensland on scooters and other states too if they relax their silly restrictions on this environmentally friendly form of transport.